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At Specs Addict we offer FREE prescription lenses included in the price of your frames. We are proud to deliver this impressive deal that includes are MADE IN GERMANYlenses to our valued Addicts as we want you to be happy with your purchase and overall experience.

We've also taken the guess-work out for you when it comes to choosing lenses for your prescription glasses. Our Specs Addict website is specially designed to make things really easy for you. With just a few clicks you can figure out your lens needs based on your prescription details.

As a general rule, the stronger your prescription the thicker the lens will be. This means that if you have a strong prescription, Specs Addict will have to use what is known as a “high index lens”. So if you require strong vision correction Specs Addict will supply you with a thinner lens so that you don’t look like you are peering out of old Coke bottles!

You can upgrade your lenses from our wide choice of are MADE IN GERMANY lenses. These lenses come with Anti-reflection, Hardcoating, Anti dust, water repellant and are scratch proof. All of this for our valued addicts at a fraction(less than 20%) of the price offered in any shop.

So, Specs Addict will provide you with free prescription lenses once you enter your prescription online, if your prescription is less than about -5. Minus 5 is a fairly strong prescription and our optician advices that it is best to avoid fitting a stronger prescription than minus 5 with the lenses that we include for free. This has nothing to do with quality and everything to do with delivering you the best quality lenses and ensuring the health and use of your peepers!

The prescription lenses that Specs Addict includes for free with your new frames are high quality lenses that come from a well-known large optical laboratory in Germany. You can check out our manufacturing process in the video section.

The lenses Specs Addict uses if you have:

  • A weak prescription (less than about -2) Specs Addict will supply you with CR 39 plastic lenses. CR-39 is the main lens material used today in ophthalmic quality plastic lenses.
  • If you have a prescription up to about -5, Specs Addict will supply you with mid-index lenses, which are thinner than the standard CR39.
  • If you have a prescription stronger than about -5, you are advised to select from our range of high index are MADE IN GERMANYlenses. A small price to pay for dashing eyewear.
  • If you need a progressive lens then you can select from our options of exclusive are MADE IN GERMANY lenses that offer the widest angle of vision when compared to any other brand.

Coatings included for FREE are:

  • All lenses come hard coated for free.
  • This includes anti-reflection, anti-scratch and anti-glare.


Stratemeyer prescription lenses with special coating, is the superlative prescription lens.

Stratemeyer prescription lenses are made in Germany and implement the most cutting edge technology available – they use the same technology in space. Stratemeyer lenses are thinner, lighter and clearer than all other lenses on the market. Progressive lenses fromStratemeyerhave the widest angle of sight when compared to all other brands.

If you purchase Stratemeyer lenses your lenses will special coating for complete protection including protection against:

  • Smudges
  • Reflections
  • Water
  • Scratches
  • Dust

The Stratemeyer lenses ensure comfortable vision anytime – day or night and it reduces the intensity of disturbing reflections by half.

These lenses are more aesthetically appealing – not only will you see better, others will see you better as well.