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Specs Addict supports school children in villages across India. We work with ' Theia ' to arrange for eye check-ups, vision camps and give out free frames and lenses to people in need.

Every time you join the Specsaddict family you should feel proud. No matter what the value of your purchase you change the life of someone by gifting them the power of sight.

Specs Addict has long been mesmerised with India, its people, its religion, its beautiful and diverse landscape (and its food!)

Specs Addict has also initiated and sponsored a program at schoolin rural areas to provide eye check-up to students requiring eyesight corrections with prescription glasses. Specs Addict invests funds that it raises through sales of its eyewear, to sponsor eye doctors to test all the students for eye health and to provide any students in need with prescription glasses.

Many of the students in rural India have minimal access to electricity and are often reading or doing their homework by candle or torch light. This forces the students to strain their eyes and means that many of them require corrective glasses. Often, the parents of the students have undiagnosed hereditary eye illnesses, which are also present in the children. Most of the students at the school have never been to an eye doctor before, nor have they ever worn glasses.

Specs Addict has pledged to donate a proportion of its total profit directly into eye care programs and glasses for the students and elderly at villages and schools across rural India.

We would be happy to have you involved in any of our volunteering opportunities.

Thank you for giving others the most powerful gift of all – VISION.