Measuring Your Glasses Frames

When you browse the Specs Addict frames collection (Guys/Dolls) you’ll see a table of frame dimensions and measurements. This information may help you choose a frame that will feel comfortable and fit your face. If your current frames fit you comfortably, then another pair with similar dimensions should also. The ‘Frame Width’ and ‘Frame Height’ will give you a general idea of the overall size of the frames.

Spectacle Lens Width and Bridge Width – (Also Called Eye Size and Bridge Size)

LENS WIDTH – The horizontal width of each lens at its widest point in millimetres. This is called eye size in optician speak.

BRIDGE WIDTH – The smallest distance that you can measure between the two lenses in millimetres.

Frame Width and Height

FRAME HEIGHT – Measure top down, between the outer edges of the frame (see above). This measurement is not always used in optical shops, however it is very useful when buying glasses online, ensuring your purchase will be best suited to your face shape. (Opticians usually measure the lens depth, which is the height of the lens itself – not including the frame.)

FRAME WIDTH – Measure across, from the outer edges of the frame (see above). This measurement is also not useful to opticians. However, it is very useful to get an idea of the size of online glasses.

ARM LENGTH – Measure as if the arm was straight, so you need to follow bends in the arm with the ruler when measuring arm length (see below). The arm is called the temple in optician speak.

Be sure to check out our Styling Tips for more information on choosing a frame that looks good on you.

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