Specs Addict Styling Tips!

Your Face Shape and Your Glasses Frame

There are no steadfast rules about which face shapes suit which frame because there are not many true face shapes. We are all unique and most face shapes are often a combination of two or more. Your choice in frames can enhance, soften or create an optical illusion of shortening or widening your facial attributes so it pays to get things right when choosing your glasses.

This is why Specs Addict have developed a Virtual Mirror. All you have to do is upload a photo of yourself from your laptop or PC, or take a pic with your webcam, and you will be able to try on all the Specs Addict collection ensuring that you know exactly how the glasses will look on you.

You can even compare your photo in one pair of glasses, against your photo in other pairs. Genius!

You are also able upload your pic with your favourite Specs Addict frames (if you can’t decide which one to buy) and put it to the masses. Other Specs Addict friends and visitors (as well as the Specs Addict team themselves) can offer their opinion on which frames suit you best. You can also share your Specs Addict Virtual Mirror photo on your Facebook or Twitter page and get the opinion of your friends, family and followers. Nowhere else can you try and buy glasses online.

In addition to the Specs Addict Virtual Mirror, here are some simple suggestions that may help you decide between your favourite Specs Addict styles.

Rectangular Face

• Face is longer than it is wide.
• High cheekbones
• Deep or high forehead

rectangular face

If your face shape is similar to George Clooney or Janet Jackson you need to soften angular features, not accentuate them. So choose frames that have soft lines with a medium size and shaped lens area. Go for some width, rather than small, narrow and angular shapes.

Try wider frames and styles with a heavier top, such as “Darling Companion” or “On the Road” and “Set You Free”.

Oblong Face

• Face is longer than it is wide, but is less angular than a rectangular face.
• Some have more pronounced noses
• Long straight cheek line

oblong face

If your face shape is similar to Hugh Grant or Sarah Jessica Parker you will want to give the illusion that your face is not as long by choosing lens shapes that are not narrow, but are instead deep. A great frame for oblong shaped faces is “Art Nouveau” because of the extended cat’s eye style, which will make the face appear to be wider. “Naked at Dawn” is another great choice for this face shape.

To reduce the appearance of a pronounced nose, try frames with a medium size shape that are medium warm colours, making the glasses more of a focal point on your lovely face. We recommend “Art Nouveau” in Rosewater or Pink Pussycat, or “Naked at Dawn” in Sepia or Gorgeous Grey. Thin metal frames will draw attention to your nose and should be avoided.

Diamond-Shaped Face

• Narrow eye and jaw line
• High cheekbones

diamond face

If your face shape is similar to Scarlett Johanssen or Zac Ephron you will want to opt for frames that have a thicker edge on the brow. In addition go for bolder colours or with some decoration or detailing to provide definition and break up the symmetry of the diamond shape.

A great style for a diamond-shaped faces is “Take my Hand”, “Darling Companion” or “Set You Free”.

Round Face

• Length and width of your face is fairly equal
• Wide forehead
• Full cheeks
• Rounded jaw line

round face

Round face shapes need definition, so if your face is a similar shape to Denzel Washington, Drew Barrymore or Kate Winslet try angular styles and geometric shapes. Embellishments on the arms of the glasses towards the front of the frame or bold shaped/coloured arms are the styles to go for.

Steer clear of shapes that mirror roundness, whether they are narrow, small or large as they will still make your face look more round.

Darker colours can play down the roundness of this face shape. A great choice for this face shape is “You’re My Thrill” in Topaz, Burly Wood, Grass stain or Cinnamon.

Oval Face

• Face length is roughly equal to one and a half times the width
• Your forehead is slightly wider than your jaw, giving a sense of balance in conjunction with high cheekbones and a soft curving jaw line

oval face

If you’re lucky enough to have a face shape similar to Julia Roberts or Megan Fox, most frames and styles will suit you. However, you do need to ensure that the size of your frame is in proportion to your face.

You can carry off bold styles and softer styles well. You be the judge of which suits your personal style best. Use the Specs Addict Virtual Mirror to try on the entire Specs Addict collection!

Square Face

• Proportional in width and length
• Squared jaw line with a wider chin

square face

If your face shape is similar to Brad Pitt or Demi Moore you may want to soften the angular features of a square face by choosing oval shapes or frames that are wider than the face. A great choice for this face shape is “Naked at Dawn” because the bottom half of the frame is round and the frame itself is wide.

Avoid thin square or rectangular glasses styles as these can accentuate the angular lines of your face.

Heart-Shaped Face

• Jaw line is smaller
• Small chin and mouth heart face

heart face

Don’t choose frames that mirror the shape of your face. You can carry off bold styles, shapes and colours well.

If your face shape is similar to Richard Branson or Cameron Diaz, you may want to opt for frames that do not mirror the shape of your face (usually wider at the top). Instead, select narrow in oval or rectangular shape frames, such as “Whispered Temptations” or “Twist of Fate”.

Triangular Face

• The exact opposite of heart shaped faces

triangular face

Don’t choose frames that mirror the shape of your face. You can carry off bold styles, shapes and colours well.

If your face shape is similar to Victoria Beckham or Billie Piper you will be complemented by narrow oval or angular shapes, such as “Whispered Temptations” or “Take my Hand”.

Get the Look – Putting your personality into glasses.

What you wear is part of your individual charm and accentuates your best features. Your hair style, your choice of clothes, the rings and blings that adorn you, the colours you choose – all these, and more, help enhance your individual charm and character.

Like all fashion accessories, the kind of glasses frames you choose will also project your taste, style personality and sense of confidence.

Specs Addict frames have been designed to make a statement. The collection combines frames that take a little extra confidence to wear, such as “Art Nouveau”, “Darling Companion” and “You’re My Thrill”. While others are more subtle and classic, such as “Light the Moon” and “Take my Hand”.

Whichever frame you chose, in whichever colour excites you, remember that Specs Addict has created these glasses to be eye-catching, stylish and effortlessly sexy and chic. The beauty of Specs Addict, is that you can have a pair for every day of the week. Finally, an addiction that you can be proud to have.

So, what kind of frames should you choose? What shape and size of glasses will provide the best comfort and fit? What will look good on you?

The answer is easy – simply use the Specs Addict Virtual Mirror – it is fun, easy to use and free! You can try on all Specs Addict frames and then get our opinion about how you look. There is absolutely no need to be scared of buying glasses online when you can try them on, compare, share and then make an informed decision that you will be happy about. The only downfall about Specs Addict frames is that you will become an addict and you’ll need a different pair of specs for work, rest and play. Consider yourself warned!

How to Choose Your Spectacle Frames

When you are looking to buy a new pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses it is important to consider the following:
• Your lifestyle
• Your vision needs
• Your taste in fashion
• Your face shape and hair colour

Even if you simply want a practical, comfortable, subdued pair of spectacles, the glasses frame you choose should reflect your lifestyle, vision needs and taste.

If you already wear spectacles, then you will know what type of frame you find comfortable and what style suits your features –you know what you like and don’t like and what improvements you hope your new Specs Addict frames will bring, especially updating and “enhancing” your appearance!

While browsing our glasses frames think of words that describe your personality, your character and the sense of identity you want to convey.

Do you want a fun, outgoing look? Or a soft, not too “out there” frame?

Do you want a power suit style frame that shows you mean business, or something that shows your inner creative genius?

Are you after a casual, everyday style pair of glasses that are functional and comfortable? Or a statement frame for a certain occasion or outfit?

Also, consider the type of clothes, make up, hairstyle, jewellery or accessories you wear as your frames will need to coordinate and balance with them, not compete with them. Your glasses need to compliment your taste in fashion. Alternatively, your new Specs Addict glasses can be a contrast to what you wear, creating a more eye-catching and bold statement. Mix it up and have some fun – experimenting with your look never hurts.

Whichever frame you choose, it will bring out your style and personality and add character to your face.

The wonderful thing about Specs Addict is that you can afford to buy a few different pairs of glasses that enhance the different aspects of you. One Specs Addict is never enough.

Take Lola for example, she owned a conservative pair of Prada glasses. Black, rectangular with a well known “luxury” logo on the temples. Lola wanted a new look, didn’t want the pretentious brand name on her face but needed to keep her look conservative (she’s a lawyer after all). Lola bought a pair of “Take My Hand” in Rosewater for work, and a pair of “Darling Companion” in Top Deck with an additional set of sunglass lenses. She ended up with three different Specs Addict looks, for $300 including lenses and shipping.

Then there is Charlie who hasn’t worn glasses before, but he thinks they will enhance his look but he doesn’t know which ones to buy. He wants two different looks. He decides upon “Whispered Temptations” in Nightshade for a trendy but classic look. He also opts for “You’re My Thrill”, with an additional set of sunglass lenses. Specs speaking, Charlie has gone from zilch to three in 10 minutes! Now he just has to contain himself while his new Specs Addict specs arrive by mail.


Colour can influence our moods and reflect our personal expression and flair.

While there are no strict rules to follow regarding colour suitability, it is a fact that some colours will suit certain skin tones, hair colours and facial features better than others.

A colour guide to get you going

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Blonde/grey hair Brunette Red head Black/dark hair
Fair complexion


Specs Addict recommends: “Take my Hand” in Purple Rain or “You’re my Thrill” in Burly Wood



Specs Addict recommends: “Take my Hand” in Zesty or “You’re my Thrill” in Cinnamon



Specs Addict recommends: “Art Nouveau” in Rosewater or Pink Pussycat


Specs Addict recommends: “Darling Companion” in Desert Sand

Medium complexion

Shades of brown

Specs Addict recommends: “Twist of Fate” in Whiskey Brown, “On the Road” in Tiger, “Set you Free” in Saddle Brown


Warm colours

Specs Addict recommends: “Darling Companion” in Red Lady, “Light the Moon” in Magenta or Shiraz, “Whispered Temptation’ in Lady Ginger, “Set you Free” in Copper or “Twist of Fate” in Merlot.


Specs Addict recommends: “You’re My Thrill” in Topaz

Lighter colours

Specs Addict recommends: “Light the Moon” in Butterscotch

Dark complexion


Specs Addict recommends: “Naked at Dawn” in Onyx or “Art Nouveau” in Midnight Kiss, “Darling Companion” in Top Deck, “Light the Moon” in Bad Boy Black or “Whispered Temptations in Tropical Storm.


Lighter colours

Specs Addict recommends: “Naked at Dawn” in Gorgeous Grey or “Art Nouveau” in Hollywood Red

Black or green

Specs Addict recommends: “You’re my Thrill” in Grass Stain, “Twist of Fate” in Almost Midnight, “On the Road” in Thunderstruck, ‘Set You Free” in Nightshade

Lighter colours

Specs Addict recommends: “Darling Companion” in Plum Wine or “Set You Free” in Azure

•Bold colours and patterns make lasting statements. If you have a large or angular face or facial features, bolder frames can make them more pronounced rather than reduce the shape. However, these bold colours, particularly if they are bright or dark can add definition to softer or less strong shaped faces.

•Medium to light value and warm colours such as beige, brown, coffee, gold, camel, peach or similar colour blends generally complement fair complexions, as do lightweight metal frames and semi rimless frames. If you have fair coloured hair, or white/grey hair, warm colours work well. These medium value warm colours can also be used to soften the appearance of many unwanted facial features as they do not add much definition.

•Warm browns in all shades work well for most facial features, skin tones and appearances. You can’t go wrong here.

•If you have dark hair or brown hair you can easily wear most colours – bold and light, warm or cool – lucky addicts! Particularly flattering are warm colours of reds, shiny purple, magentas, dark greens and blues. Decorative arm features like rhinestones will reflect well against dark hair.

•Olive and Dark complexions are often complemented by silver, gold or transparent frames. Alternatively bold bright colours are intensified by darker complexions, particularly if you want to make a bold statement. Again, decorative arm features like silver studs (such as “On the Road” or “Set You Free” will reflect well against these skin tones.

Remember, if you tend to wear the same colours most of the time, choose coloured frames that will complement them by being similar or the same (this applies for your jewellery too).

Colours can make a statement by being complementary in colour to your clothes or hair colour. Below are examples of what goes well with what, but don’t be scared to mix things up as rules are meant to be broken…sometimes.

Blue is the complement of orange.

So if you’re a gal who wears orange, you could choose “Take my Hand” in Blue Lagoon. If you’re a guy, you could choose “Set You Free” in Azure.

Yellow green is the complement of red violet

If you’re a lass who wears a lot of red/purple, you could contrast your look with “Whispered Temptation” in Jade and for the chaps you could choose “You’re My Thrill” in Grass Stain.

Violet is the complement of yellow

If you’re a lady who rocks out in yellow you could contrast your look in “Darling Companion” in Plum Wine. Or for the fellas how about “Light the Moon” in Magenta.

Red is the complement of green

If you’re a sexy gal in green contrast your look with “Art Nouveau” in Hollywood Red or “Whispered Temptations” in Lady Ginger. Boys in green could contrast their look with “Light the Moon” in Shiraz.

At Specs Addict, we think that bright and intense colours create a unique and eye-catching look. Don’t be scared of colour – experiment with the colour spectrum and reap the rewards!

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